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Egypt enjoys a mild climate, amazing tourist diversity, and a long history that shed its banks on the nature of its monuments scattered throughout the country, which made tourism in Egypt a unique experience that offers tourists aspects of knowledge of the dazzling ancient history on the one hand, and entertainment aspects on the other hand.

Tourism in Egypt is also attractive to beach, medical and religious tourism, and it is one of the cheapest tourist countries in the world. On the level of tourism diversity, tourism in Egypt includes various forms, which makes Egypt’s different tourist cities meet the different tastes of all tourists.

Egyptian Museum

If you like to see the antiquities of Pharaonic Egypt on nature, away from pictures and television content, here is the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir, which includes about 150,000 artifacts that show the lives of royal families and ancient Pharaonic gods, in addition to artifacts that reflect the Greek and Roman civilizations divided into different halls on two floors, one floor For heavy monuments such as coffins, murals, and huge statues, and the second for manuscripts, pictures, and statues of small size.

Cairo Tower

The highest building in Cairo since 1961, with a height of approximately 187 meters in the shape of the famous lotus flower. Through the Cairo Tower with fifteen floors, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Cairo and its various tourist attractions as if you were in its heart with one look while taking wonderful photographs, then have a meal Have your lunch in the circular restaurant located on the 14th floor, then have a delicious hot or cold drink in the cafeteria located on the last floor.

Saladin Citadel (Citadel of the Mountain)

Take a wonderful tour of Cairo, and do not miss visiting Salah El-Din Citadel, which was built during the Crusades in 1183 AD. The castle is located on top of a high mountain (Mokattam Mountain), and it is characterized by its special location, which provides tourists with a wonderful view of the various parts of Cairo.

The Citadel of the Mountain has always played an important role in the political life of Egypt at different stages of history, but now it is playing an equally important role. As it is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Egypt in general and in Cairo in particular, and it is among the most popular historical sites; They are included in all organized tours to visit the capital of Egypt.

Khan Al-Khalily

It is one of the most famous and oldest markets in Egypt and the world, as it dates back to 6 centuries ago in the sale of souvenirs and handicrafts such as distinctive textile and leather products, copper, silver and gold artifacts through small adjacent shops that represent the appearance of the ancient traditional markets.

The three pyramids and the Sphinx

The pyramids are one of the most important tourist attractions in Egypt, and you can enjoy seeing the creativity of the ancient Egyptian engineers and builders in making these three architectural masterpieces from more than 40 centuries, while taking photographs of you with them and visiting the royal tombs available if you want, then you can take a tour of the area on the back A rented horse or camel, buying special souvenirs for family and friends from the shops surrounding the place, and eating a delicious meal in one of the nearby restaurants.

The ancestors of the Pharaohs built the Sphinx, which has a majestic, genius design. Believing that it would be a shield of protection for the treasures of their royal tombs from theft, it has now become a place for wonderful photographs during the day and amazing sound shows at night that show the glories of the pharaohs “sound and light”.

Pharaonic Village

The Pharaonic Village is one of the best tourist places in Egypt, where you can see dramatic scenes accompanied by an audio explanation of the life of the ancient Egyptian and his work in agriculture and the papyrus industry with seeing the trees that distinguished Egypt during the Pharaonic era, and you can visit museums that deal with the history of Egypt through the ages from the era of the Pharaohs to For the rulers and events of contemporary history, you can also buy heritage and archaeological souvenirs from the market provided by the village while visiting the children’s play area with its fun activities if your trip is accompanied by the family.

Alexandria Library

Of course, do not miss visiting the Library of Alexandria, this great oval edifice that is surrounded by a large wall of granite, splendor in beauty and inscribed on it in more than 120 languages. From the inside, it is divided into reading sections that include thousands of rare books in various fields of science, in addition to six exhibition halls. Technical and audio library for the blind and a conference center, and you will not forget that there is a library for children and adolescents.

Bey Citadel

The castle that overlooks the eastern port of Alexandria represents a wonderful view of the sea, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the sea and the region as a whole from the top of the castle walls, in addition to visiting the Maritime Museum, which is full of hundreds of species of marine creatures and reviews the history of the wars that passed through the city and the castle served as a wall. It has a beginning from the Roman wars to the British battles that ended with its capture.

Beaches In Alexandria

The beaches of Alexandria extend along the Mediterranean coast, from Al-Mamoura in the east to Al-Ajami in the west, at a rate of 3: 4 beaches for each neighborhood, as a minimum, most of which are free except for table rentals and accessories or the beaches of specific hotels. You can also enjoy a walking tour along the Alexandria Corniche from Al-Montazah in the east to Ras Al-Tin West, visiting the ports and the most beautiful tourist places overlooking them.