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The history of Egypt is the longest continuous history of a country in the world for more than 7000 years BC. Where Egypt was distinguished by the presence of the Nile River that cuts through its land, which was considered a catalyst for the establishment of an ancient civilization in it. Egypt is also located in a distinguished geographical location linking the continents of Asia and Africa and linked to the continent of Europe through the Mediterranean Sea. All this led to the establishment of a civilization known as one of the oldest civilizations in human history.

(Egyptians): This is the basic name of this people and attributed it to (Egypt), which is a Semitic word that means hidden, fortified, or simple, in relation to the nature of the land of Egypt, and the name is attributed to the Jews to Mizraim bin Ben Nasr bin Ham bin Noah. (Ramthan Kima): A term that the Egyptians called themselves, meaning the people of Egypt. (Kimteo): Another term that the Egyptians called themselves, which also means the people of Egypt. (Ramthan Bata): A term that the Egyptians called themselves, meaning the people of the earth. (Copt): A term used by the Greeks for the Egyptians, derived from (Ha-ka-Ptah), which means the house and temple of Ptah, and from which the word (Agyptos) was taken, which means Egypt among the Greeks.

Due to the fact that the Republic of Egypt is the cradle of different civilizations, and that it has gone through many historical events, the flag of Egypt had colors and symbols that had their own connotations of various meanings, which are:
Black color: which refers to the pre-Islamic times that passed in Egypt, and also refers to the periods of tyranny and colonialism that occurred in the country.
White color: which always refers to the lofty values ​​of affection, kindness, and establishing peace.
Red color: which refers to the many sacrifices of the blood of the Egyptian martyrs, who gave their blood for the sake of the homeland, and also indicates strength and hope.
The golden eagle: which refers to the Egyptian power, as it is a sacred bird for the Pharaonic civilization, as it was used by the hero Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi during his strong rule of the Arab countries in the era of the Ayyubid state.

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The most important influential figures in Egypt, scientifically, historically and artistically .

Great Places

The enchanted lake

It is distinguished by the fact that the light reflects on the water in an attractive way, which makes it change its color 7 times in one day, and the Bedouins call it the Lake of Wishing because of their beliefs.

Blue Hole area

The history of the existence of this region dates back to the fall of a meteor in South Sinai, one of the most important tourist places in the city of Dahab, which caused the emergence of a large blue bug, which is now present and is famous for being one of the most suitable diving places in the world.

Alexandria Library

Of course, do not miss visiting the Library of Alexandria. This great oval edifice, which is surrounded by a large wall of granite, is magnificent in beauty and inscribed on it in more than 120 languages. As for the inside, it is divided into sections for reading that include thousands of rare books in various fields of science.

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Egypt is located in the northeastern corner of the continent of Africa, and has an Asian extension, as the Sinai Peninsula is located within the continent of Asia, as it is a transcontinental country, located on the Tropic of Cancer and passing between latitudes 22° and 36′ 31° north, and between longitudes 24° and 37° east of Greenwich meridian. The Arab Republic of Egypt is bordered to the north by the Mediterranean Sea with a coast of 995 km, and to the east by the Red Sea with a coast of 1,941 km, and to the north-east by the Palestine region with a length of 265 km, and to the west by Libya along a line with a length of 1115 km, and to the south by Sudan, with a length of 1,115 km. 1280 km. The area of ​​the Arab Republic of Egypt is about 1,002,000 square kilometers, and the inhabited area is 78,990 square kilometers, or 7.8% of the total area.


Egyptian Pound
ISO 4217 code: EGP
Currency symbol: EGP L.E

Weather Nature

The climate varies according to the season in Egypt
The climate in Egypt varies from season to season, and is as follows:

= Summer: The summer season in Egypt is very hot and the sun is scorching during it, and temperatures range during it between 40 and 50 degrees Celsius, and even the coastal areas in Egypt remain warm during the summer season, and the hottest time in the summer is between July and Sept.
= Winter: The winds are severe in Egypt during the winter season, but the temperature rarely drops below 10 degrees Celsius, and the winds often intensify in late December and during January.
= Spring: The weather during the spring season is constantly changing. It is usually warm, but it is known for its strong winds that may lead to sand storms. Temperatures rise between March and May of this season with little humidity.
= Autumn: Temperatures drop significantly during the fall season, especially at the end of September, so the temperature during most days is approximately 29 degrees Celsius, with the possibility of varying by simple degrees from one region to another.